Zirconium carbide products application and case


Zirconium carbide products application and case 4: Zirconium carbide used in heat preservation.

Ji fiber company’s Thermotron add Changsha Langfeng Metallic Material Ltd’ zirconium carbide particles into the core of yarn, converting sunlight (visible light) heat ,at the same time, reflecting body far infrared ray to heat preservation. Kanebo synthetic fiber company’s heat insulation polyester materials and Ceramino infiltrate fiber far infrared absorption material on the molecular fiber structure equably, adding zirconium carbide particles produced by Changsha Langfeng Metallic Material Ltd. , and then improve the external infrared absorption on sunlight. At the same time, absorbing human body infrared ray and converting into heat, making the heat insulation effective. In addition, through special processing of dyeing process,it can eliminate hard handle.

Fujiette company’s “INSERARED” join radiation far infrared cermet composition of polyester fiber and cotton blended material. Adding zirconium carbide particles produced by Langfeng Metallic Material Ltd, not only is it suitable for underwear, but also it can be used for bedding. Coke li Company also launched many far infrared related goods. “LONWAVE” is just to improve the thermal insulation performance by adding cermet components.

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