Zirconium carbide products application and case 3

Zirconium carbide used in the fiber.

Langfeng Metallic Material Ltd used zirconium carbide in fiber, different zirconium carbide and silicon carbide powder content and the way of adding have effect on the near infrared absorption properties of the fibers, Langfeng Metallic Material Ltd made experiments about zirconium carbide show that: when the content of zirconium carbide and silicon carbide fiber is up to 4% weight, near infrared absorbing properties of the fiber have the best effect, and added zirconium carbide and silicon carbide fiber shell in the near infrared absorption’s effect is superior to in the core layer’s effect.

Langfeng Metallic Material Ltd have studied the effect of phase change material microcapsule and the capsule preparation technology on capsule structure and performance , and by adding super-cooling crystallization method to avoid agent reducing the super-cooling degree of micro-capsules, and have studied the storage and adjustment of heat’s fiber spinning process technology, fiber structure and properties by using phase change material micro-capsule melt spinning and solution preparation , respectively have made 20% (weight) and 30% (weight) of the phase change material micro-capsule fiber, the fiber has obvious heat absorption storage function, the processed textile have the function of temperature control.

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