Zirconium carbide is used for functional materials

carbide powder

Zirconium carbide has the characteristics of highly absorbing visible light and reflecting infrared rays. When it absorbs 95% of the short wavelength energy of 2μm or less in sunlight, it can store the energy in the material through heat transfer. It also has the function of reflecting infrared light of more than 2μm .

The human body produces infrared wavelength of about 10μm, wearing a mixed with ZrC fiber fabric produced clothing, ZrC can absorb sunlight in the infrared radiation, so that clothing temperature, and to the human body in the form of infrared radiation transmission Heat, at the same time, clothing makes the temperature difference between the body and clothing smaller, reducing the human body to the clothing heat transfer, and ZrC can reflect the human body in the form of infrared radiation to the clothing most of the heat transfer.

When the content of ZrC or SiC in the fiber reaches 4%, the near-infrared absorption performance of the fiber is the best, and ZrC and SiC are added to the sheath of the fiber. When the content of ZrC or SiC is 4% In the near-infrared absorption effect is superior to the effect added to the core layer.

The process, fiber structure and properties of preparing thermostatic and thermostatic fibers by using phase change material microcapsule melt spinning and solution spinning were studied. The fibers containing 20% ​​and 30% phase change materials microcapsules were respectively prepared, These fibers have a significant heat absorption and storage function, processed into a textile with temperature adjustment function.

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