Why Langfeng Metallic’s chromium carbide powder is better?

Cr3C2 powders

Chromium carbide powder: density :6.68g/cm3, melting point: 1890°C…etc. Chromium carbide powder has the properties of good corrsion resistance, wear resistance, oxidation resistance even under high temperature of 1000-1000 degress. Cr3C2 based cermet has excellent oxidation resistance at high temperature, the surface color is only dusky after exposure at 980 ºC for 5 hours. Uner similar condition, # 18-8 stainless steel is destroyed obviously and the WC-6Co alloy is totally oxidized.

1. use high purity raw material chromium oxide CrO2, carbon black powder. Strictly control in raw material ensure the high purity of end product: chromium carbide power.
2. good grain-size distribution, contact us for SEM photo and PSD (parCR3C2le size distribution) report ;
3. unique technology in additive process;
4. unique sintering process ensure low oxygen and free carbon content , which bring high quality roduct;

For more information please link:www.metalcarbidepowder.com, please contact:angela@metalcarbidepowder.com

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