Where the tantalum niobium carbide solid solution (TaC – NbC) lowest price?

(Ta,Nb)c powder

Langfeng Metal  has the lowest price! Because Langfeng Metal is the largest domestic production of hafnium carbide powder factory, with an annual output of solid solution of tantalum and niobium carbide (TaC-NbC) powder 50 tons.

Langfeng metallic material Ltd undertake the mission”benefiting all under the heaven”,creating value for customers,help employees grow and help more people progress and development is our firm goal.We specialize in military new materials of  rocket systems , coating materials, carbide, cermet cutting tools and development of raw materials production and sales.Companies advocating green ideas, energy efficiency is the direction of the company, according to the needs of the company’s strategic development, the establishment of an industrial microwave division which is responsible for product development,and production sales.

Stay tuned for detailed product information company official website:www.metalcarbidepowders.com, please contact:info@langfengmetallic.com

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