What solid solution titanium tungsten carbide W Ti C is?


A solid solution of titanium carbide (WC-TiC) (W, Ti) C, also called duplex titanium tungsten carbide (WC-TiC) (W, Ti) C, titanium or tungsten carbide, tungsten carbide and titanium carbide Solid hot melt formed by two substances, tungsten titanium carbide Duplex (WC-TiC) (W, Ti) C is a double carbide powder, is a composite material.


Duplex carbide is a carbide material industry and other industries widely used new materials, Lang feng metal with a unique and solid solution carbide technology, products have the composition and stability, uniform, solid melting high, fewer impurities , controllable particle size, etc., and can be produced according to specific customer requirements. Commonly used by the double carbide titanium carbide, titanium, chromium titanium, tantalum carbide, niobium carbide, molybdenum carbide, titanium nitride, and other components of a binary or higher double carbide or solid solution (commonly known as CK material).


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