What is hafnium carbide?

Hafnium carbide, chemical formula is HfC, the relative atomic weight is 190.5, theoretical carbon content is 6.30%, with high chemical stability and good high temperature properties. Density is 12.7g / cm3, melting point is 3890 ℃, belonging to the highest bidder single compound melting point as we known . Volume resistivity is 1.95 × 10-4Ω · cm (2900 ℃), the thermal expansion coefficient is 6.73 × 10-6 / ℃.

Usually we use hafnium oxide (HfO2) and carbon to make composite powder, the reaction temperature is 1900 ~ 2300 ℃, hafnium carbide with some metal carbides form a solid solution, such as : hafnium carbide ZrC, tantalum carbide TaC, etc. . It has a high melting point and high elastic modulus, good electric conductivity, low thermal expansion and good impact properties. Because hafnium carbide has HfC hardness and high melting point, it can be used for hard alloy additives. 4TaC·

HfC melting point is about 4215 ℃, it was the highest melting point compound as we known. HfC frontier protective layer of hafnium carbide alloy can be used for rocket nozzles and re-entry gliding aircraft, 4TaC ·

HfC alloy tool steel can manufacture resistence material.

English name: Hafnium carbide

English alias: Hafnium carbide (HfC); [1] Hafnium carbide; Hafnium – methane (1:1)
CAS: 12069-85-1

Formula: HfC
Molecular weight: 194.5325

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