What features should Thermal spray powder material have ?

Thermal spray powder form, particle size and size distribution, the basic characteristics of bulk density, flowability and surface quality of the powder, thermal spraying a ceramic material is an important part of the performance.

1. Powder particle morphology mainly refers to the geometric shape and surface characteristics of the powder particles. The ratio of the axis geometry may be minor and major axes of the ellipse spherical particles (statistic) was measured to assess the ball degree high, solid powder flowability better. Since the powder ball not only the degree of atomization method and the atomization process parameters, but also on the chemical composition of the powder itself, and therefore, different types of ball powder which there are differences of degree, but shall ensure spraying process can smooth homogeneous powder feed.

Thermal spray atomization method developed by an internal metal powder particles sometimes there are holes of varying sizes, some holes through to the surface, some closed pores inside the particles. If spraying properly, it will have a direct impact on the quality of the coating. Such observation hole, usually an optical microscope. Surface feature refers to the surface color, smoothness and the like.

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