Titanium carbonitride Introduction

Ti(C,N) powder
Titanium carbonitride is a kind of zero-dimensional ternary solid solution. TiC and TiN are the basis of titanium carbonitride. They all have a face-centered cubic lattice of NaCl type structure, , NbC and other transition metal carbides form a solid solution. In the single TiC lattice, the nitrogen atom (N) occupies the position of the original carbon atom (C) in the lattice to form the compound compound. There are two ideal modes of the proportion of carbon and nitrogen atoms in TiCxNy , I.e., TiC0.5N0.5 and TiC0.3N0.7. Because TiCN has the comprehensive properties of TiC and TiN, its hardness is higher than that of TiC and TiN, so it is an ideal tool coating material. Titanium carbonitride coating can improve the bonding strength with the substrate, but also with a variety of materials, the overall performance.

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