Titanium carbide powder particle size application

1: 6-30% titanium carbide powder is added into the tungsten carbide-cobalt cemented carbide to form titanium carbide-tungsten carbide solid solution, which can improve the alloy’s red-hot property, high hardness and chemical stability. Average Particle Size Fischer Particle Size APS FSSS 3-5 microns, widely used in hard alloy products (cutting tools);
2: average particle size / laser particle size APS D50 0.8-1.5 micron as an additive for the production of thermistors to improve wear resistance;
3: titanium carbide powder used in high temperature thermal spraying materials, mainly with the following commonly used particle size: 40-60 mesh (250-380 microns), 60-80 mesh (180-250 microns), 80-100 mesh (150- 100 to 150 mesh, 150 to 200 mesh (75 to 106 microns), 200 to 400 mesh (38 to 75 microns), 200 to 325 mesh (45 to 75 microns) (-45 microns), -400 mesh (-38 microns)
4: other particle size, according to customer requirements.

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