The use of metal matrix composites requirements

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Metal-based composite material structure(zero) the use of performance requirements is the most important basis for the choice of metal materials.

1.There are many significant differences in the requirements of aerospace,aviation,advanced weapons,electronics,automotive technology and different working conditions for composite components.

2.In the aerospace and aviation technology, high specific strength,modulus,dimensional stability is the most important requirements.

3.High-performance engine requires composite materials not only high specific strength, specific mold performance, but also requires composite materials with excellent high temperature performance, in high temperature, oxidizing atmosphere in the normal work.

And the need to choose titanium-based alloys, nickel-based alloys and intermetallic compounds as a basic material.Silicon carbide/titanium,tungsten/nickel-based superalloy composite materials can be used for jet engine blades, uranium and other important parts.

4.In the car engine requires its parts heat,wear, heat, a certain high temperature strength.

5.Industrial integrated circuits require high thermal conductivity,low puffing metal matrix composites as heat sinks and substrates.

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