The trend of thermal spraying technology


Thermal spraying technology has been widely applied, the development trend in recent years and is characterized by:

. A large-scale, long-lasting protection technology has been widely used for the steel structure of long-term exposure to outdoor atmospheric environment by spraying Al, Zn alloy coating and, instead of the traditional paint methods, the implementation of cathodic protection; be long effect of atmospheric corrosion;

. B thermal spraying technique to repair and strengthen the large-scale imports of key equipment and spare parts;

. C HVOF technology applications;

. D gas deflagration type spraying technology further application;

. E-speed, automatic oxyacetylene flame powder coating technology developed rapidly;

. F thermal spray technology has been used in anti-corrosion chemical engineering;

g. laser remelting technology start applications. Currently, thermal spray technology has been increasingly widely used in many areas of military engineering, water conservancy, electric power, chemical industry, construction, environmental, biological and marine engineering and the like. Thermal spraying, so that the hull, deck, barge, Hoy, tugboat and so get a good long-term protection.


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