The role and application of thermal spray alloy powder

Thermal spraying is a surface enhancement technology,it has always been our important technology promotion projects.It uses electric arc, plasma arc, a gas such as oxygen in the form of heat, the metal or non-metallic material is heated to a molten or semi-molten state.Under the action of high-speed air stream so that it is atomized into fine droplets or particles of a high temperature, at high flight speed ejection surface treated to form a solid coating layer.So that the surface to obtain different hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, oxidation resistance, thermal insulation, insulation, electrical conductivity, sealing, sterilization, anti-microwave radiation, and other kinds of special physical and chemical properties.It can be equipment maintenance repair old, so scrapped parts “back to life”; also can be strengthened and pre-protection in the manufacture of new products, making it “longevity.”
Spray powders occupy a very important position in the entire thermal spray material.Thermal spray powders include nickel-based alloys, iron-based and cobalt-based alloy powder, according to the hardness of different coatings were applied to the mechanical parts repair and protection.Thermal spray technology after years of development, China has formed a complete system of research and production equipment.Currently engaged in this work have more than 20 units, capable of producing all types of oxyacetylene flame spraying equipment, spray melting equipment, electric arc spraying equipment, complete sets of equipment, plasma spraying, spray equipment, all kinds of special equipment and so on.

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