The purpose of Chromium Carbide


chromium carbide used in chromium carbide wear-resistantelectrode; Chromium carbide used in high hardness of chromium carbide wear-resistant composite steel plate; Chromium carbide which are applied for the grain cemented carbide; Chromium carbide used in nickel chromium chromium carbide powder (NiCr – Cr3C2);


Chromium carbide was applied to the manufacture of special welding materials, welding series welding wire, flux-cored wire; The thermal spraying powder materials; Arc spray wires and wire submerged arc welding pipe; To Cr3C2 as the main body to Ni or Ni base alloy for chromium carbide carbide of binding phase (including wire and powder) is a kind of wear-resisting corrosion resistance and high temperature oxidation resistance of new type cemented carbide, known as “stainless steel” in the cemented carbide.


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