The particle size of the metal carbide powder

carbide powder sintering process

The size of the powder and its range are mainly determined by the spraying process and spraying process specification parameters, even if the powder particle size range is the same, but the proportion of its particle size grade composition is not necessarily the same, for example: powder particle size in 125 ~ 50m (-120 mesh to + 320 mesh), but the proportion of powder with three different particle sizes ranging from 100μm to 125μm, 80μm to 100μm and 50μm to 80μm is different. Powder particle size range and size composition, the coating quality, powder bulk density and liquidity have a direct impact.

Langfang metal production of metal carbide powder particle size and chemical composition can be adjusted according to customer requirements. I produced the series of metal carbide powder products: zirconium carbide powder, carbide powder, carbide powder, carbonated niobium powder, titanium carbide powder, vanadium carbide powder, chromium carbide powder, molybdenum carbide powder, titanium carbonitride powder, Complex carbide powder and so on.

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