The characteristics of modern powder metallurgy technology


The development of modern powder metallurgy technology has the following characteristics:

Rapid Prototyping (Rapid Prototyping, called RP) from 1987 began to develop an advanced manufacturing technology, incorporating the latest achievements of modern CNC technology, CAD / CAM technology, laser processing technology and materials science and other fields. The technology uses CAD software to design three-dimensional solid model of the part, and then according to the specific process requirements, in accordance with a certain thickness of the slicing process model, which is discretized into a series of two-dimensional level, then the level of information to the two-dimensional data processed and added to the processing parameters and generate NC code input machine, control motion sequences forming machine complete all levels molding manufacturing, processing until the CAD model is consistent with the prototype or part. It can be automatically and rapidly prototype design ideas into a certain structure and function directly or manufacturing parts, which can quickly evaluate the product’s design, modify, in response to market demand, it does not demand a large number of conventional methods tooling cost savings, shorten the processing cycle, to achieve a high efficiency, low consumption, intelligent purpose.

Rapid prototyping technology was originally used to make foundry model, was developed to manufacture prototype parts, mainly for visual inspection or part of the model, the key is to ask the exact shape, not too high demands on the mechanical properties of the molding material used has liquid photosensitive resin, wax, paper, alternative materials. In recent years, rapid prototyping technology has a new development, has begun to be applied, the main objective is to meet the rapid manufacturing performance of dense metal parts in the preparation of metal materials, ceramic materials.

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