Tantalum carbide powder


Tantalum carbide is light brown metal cubic crystalline powder, is a sodium chloride type cubic crystal system.

Carbon content of 6.23% (mass), the relative density of 13.9,

Tac powder Melting point 3880 ℃, boiling point 4780 ℃, lattice constant a = 0.4454 nm,

Moh hardness of 9 to 10, thermal conductivity of 22 w / (mK), thermal expansion coefficient of 6.29 × 10-6 / K.

Insoluble in water, insoluble in inorganic acids, can be dissolved in hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid in the mixture and decomposition.

Strong antioxidant capacity, susceptible to melting and decomposition of potassium pyrophosphate.

Conductivity, resistance at room temperature 30Ω, showing the nature of superconductivity.

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