Slow iPhone? This hidden trick can speed up your handset


If you’ve had the same iPhone for a couple of years or more, you’ve probably started to notice its performance slowing down a little, especially on newer versions of the software. Apple has even been sued for the slow performance in iOS 9 when it is used on an iPhone 4s.
But for anyone not up to taking such drastic measures, a solution has emerged that can provide an immediate speed boost by clearing up memory in the phone’s App Store.

San Francisco developer Zachary Dryer shared the hidden trick on Twitter, revealing that pressing a series of buttons in the iOS App Store can get rid of a backlog of stuck app updates.

On the App Store, press any one of the five buttons along the bottom of the app 10 times in a row to clear the cached memory. This is data that is meant to be held temporarily but can continue to take up precious resources due to a software error.

As long as the same button is pressed in succession, the screen should go white for a couple of seconds and return to the App Store’s homepage, with any app update backlogs cleared.

This is a useful trick if your App Store gets stuck, which can mean app updates not coming through, but should also provide a speed boost. The trick will also work on the iPad.

According to the developer, the trick works in iTunes, iBooks, App Store and the Apple Watch app, but not in Podcasts, Music, Game Center or iMessage.

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