Sintered metal powder applications

carbide powder sintering process

1. aerospace industry

The use of metal powder sintering technique can produce extremely complex internal structure, to achieve weight loss, improve efficiency purposes, no longer makes the design constraints of manufacturing methods. And high-strength titanium alloy complex parts processing, sintering and cost-effective way of efficiency much better than traditional casting, machining and other means. Europe’s civil aircraft military aircraft systems have a large number of applications.

2. machinery, tooling industry

Metal powder sintering technology in the cooling water, and other aspects of hot runner to break the shackles of traditional techniques, mold processing efficiency, quality, and service life greatly improved; especially in Europe, has a large number of small and medium sized molds using this technology, not only improves the efficiency to achieve the purpose of low-carbon manufacturing.

3. Medical Industry

Metal powder sintering technology in dental, implants, medical devices have a wide range of applications; to EOS M280 system as an example, which can produce 450-500 a unit within 24 hours of cobalt-chromium alloy dentures, approximately equal to the traditional way 100 production workers, but in terms of energy consumption is much lower than traditional casting mode.

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