Niobium carbide powder introduction

Niobium carbide powder, NbC powder 99.5% metal basis, niobium carbide nanopowder, cemented carbide additive, cemented carbide grain inhibitor, cemented carbide grain finer, spraying coating material.

Density :7.56g/cm3, melting point : 3490°C…etc. Niobium carbide powder is brown-gray metallic powder with purple lustre.The powder have the properties of high melting point ,high hardness ,high chemical stability , it is applied in the field of high temperature refractory material and cemented carbide products.

Together with the tungsten carbide powder and Molybdeum carbide powder,  Niobium carbide powder is used as additive in the field of spray coating material, welding powder material, such as hot forging die, the cutting tool, the jet engine turbine blade, the valve, the tail skirt and the rocket spray nozzle coating.

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