NbC niobium carbide powder Application


NbC niobium carbide powder Application


a) Niobium carbide is a frequent intentional product in microalloyed steels due to its extremely low solubility product in austenite, the lowest of all the refractory metal carbides

b) Niobium carbide has an extremely low solubility product in austenite. When niobium carbide is added by micrometre-sized precipitates, it is virtually insoluble in steels at all temperatures. Niobium carbide’s location at ground boundaries prevents excessive grain growth.

c) Niobium has many medical research applications. It is also alloyed to produce arc-welding rods and in corrosion-resistant steel.

Niobium carbide is an extremely hard, corrosion resistant refractory ceramic. It is a brown gray metallic power with purple lustre.


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