Nano powder Zirconium carbide powder

Zirconium carbide powder
1. Choose High purity 99.99% Zirconium oxide raw material + High purity carbon black + few additives mix

ZrC powder


Zirconium carbide,Chemical formula ZrC,Molecular weight 103.22,Carbon content 11.64%.

Zirconium carbide is gray metallic powder with cubic system structure of NaCl type.The product is chemical stable and has excellent hightemperature property.Density 6.73g/cm3,Melting point 3540,Boiling point: 5100oC. The mixture of TaC and ZrC with the mole ratio 4:1 is a thermionic emission having very high melting point.The fine ZrC powder is an important cermet material,which can make cutting tool,incandescent flame,and pyroconductor,etc.

ZrC powder application:

Zirconium carbide cermet powder is manufacture high technology and new technology domain and so on high performance hard alloy, aerospace, atomic energy, textile, electronic,coating, flinty thin film and metallurgy automation key materials.Has high surface activity, thermostablly, Oxidation resistance, intensity high, degree of hardness high, the thermal conductivity is good, toughness is good, Is one kind of important high MP, high strength and anticorrosive high temperature structural material, and has the highly effective absorption visible light, reflection infrared and stored energy regeneration and so on characteristic.

Company introduced:

Registered with the Changsha Long ping of High tech Industrial Park in 2009,Changsha Langfeng Metallic Material Ltd. is a hi tech private enterprise specialized in the development,production and sales of cermet tools and cemented carbide tools and its raw materials and Powder metallurgy equipment.Have the complete check out facility and the abundant technical force, the domestic south central university powder metallurgy research institute and Changsha Mining and metallurgy Research institute is our core technologies strength.

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