Make great efforts to engage in new materials industry


Ma Kai, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice premier of the State Council, stressed that at present and in the future, it is a critical period for China to build a strong manufacturing power.

One should focus on the focus. Functional materials, high-performance fiber materials and composite materials, new display materials, the formation of a number of core technologies, and a number of basic, strategic, cutting-edge structural materials, functional materials, high-performance fiber materials and composite materials, Important processes, key equipment and standard system.
In this case,Second, we must work together to innovate. Strengthen the basic research, applied technology research and industrialization of the cohesion, focus on building enterprises as the main body to support institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions, the military and the depth of integration, production and research with mutual promotion of collaborative innovation system.

Third, we should strengthen the application. Research and establish the first batch of new materials application of insurance compensation mechanism, the construction of a number of new materials production and application demonstration platform to carry out production and application unit supply and demand docking, promote the downstream industry active use of new materials.

Four to nurture talent. Relying on key enterprises, institutions of higher learning, vocational schools, public service platform, cultivate a group of industrial workers, technical backbone and innovation team. Improve the incentive mechanism, and fully stimulate all kinds of talent potential and vitality of innovation.

Five to create an environment. Strengthen the overall planning, promote decentralization, maintain market order, strengthen intellectual property protection, increase financial and taxation support for the new materials industry to create a good development environment.

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