Introduction of chromium carbide powder

Cr3C2 powders

Cr3C2, orthorhombic, grayish white. A melting point of 1890C, a theoretical density of 6.75 g / cm3, a microhardness of 1300 kg / mm2 and a thermal expansion coefficient of 11.710-6C-1. High temperature oxidation resistance, in the air at 1100 ℃ for 4h without oxidation. Cr3C2 is typically synthesized from Cr2O3 and carbon black in an inert or reducing atmosphere. It is made of nickel-chromium alloy carbide particles, the use of plasma spraying, can be used as high temperature, wear, oxidation and acid-resistant coating, widely used in aircraft engines and petrochemical machinery devices, can greatly enhance the mechanical life.

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