How to choose carbide powder?

carbide powder sintering process

Changsha Langfeng Metallic Material Co.,Ltd , founded in 2009 Changsha Long-ping High-Tech Park , is an patent-owning firm specializing in metal carbide powders’ research, production and sale.

With 100 sets of various manufacturing equipments covering the process of raw material mixing, carbonization, sintering, grinding, sieving, mixing and packing, the group distinguishes itself also by 182 workers and 2 academician in engineering material from Chinese Academy of Science . Furthermore, we established technical support relationship with Powder Metallurgy Research Institute of Central Sounth University and Changsha Research Institute of Mining And Metallurgy. Our powders are : zirconium carbide powder, titanium carbide powder… and coumpound carbide powder. Our products is widely applied in the field of cemented carbide products, cermet, PTC, heat insulation and refractory materia, spraying and coating material, textile, electronic material, 3D printing material, aerospace material, conductive material, …etc. We look forward to growing with you and our industries through continuous improvement, commitment to detail, and attention to your needs.

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