Hardmetals applied in tool manufacture

carbide powder application

Hardmetals applied in tools manufacture are usually made in form of preforms joined with the body made of unalloyed or alloyed steels. Bonding hardmetals with steel is most often performed by hard and high-temperature soldering, or less fre-quently by brazing, resistance welding, fusion welding or gluing.


Hardmetals and steels used for tool bodies show diverse physicochemical and me-chanical properties. With respect to brazing, the most important are: two to three times smaller linear expansion coefficient, very low deformability and limited wettability of hardmetals, especially of carbide phases WC, TiC, TaC and NbC. In order to improve wettability of hardmetals by brazing alloys, it is necessary to choose their proper chemical composition and to prepare their surface properly for the bonding processes.


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