Hafnium carbide powder products sent to Australia

Hfc powder

Today, our company exported a number of hafnium carbide powder products, sent to Australia.

Hafnium carbide powder is our company’s flagship product powder.Adding 6-30% hfc powder into WC-Co series tungsten carbide products, could form Hfc-WC solid solution with WC powder, then enhance the alloy’s performance in glowing red, high hardness, chemical stability.

Our products is widely applied in the field of cemented carbide products, cermet, PTC, heat insulation and refractory materia, spraying and coating material, textile, electronic material, 3D printing material, aerospace material, conductive material, …etc. We look forward to growing with you and our industries through continuous improvement, commitment to detail, and attention to your needs.

For more information please link:www.metalcarbidepowder.com, please contact:angela@metalcarbidepowder.com


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