Hafnium carbide powder main applications

Hfc powder

Hafnium carbide is a high temperature, oxidation resistance of ceramic materials, with good electrical conductivity and thermal expansion of small advantages. Hafnium carbide for the manufacture of rocket nozzles and wing leading edge and other important components, mainly used in aerospace, industrial ceramics and other fields.

Hafnium carbide with high hardness, can be used for carbide additives, with many compounds (such as ZrC, TaC, etc.) to form a solid solution in the field of cutting tools and mold has been widely used.

Hafnium carbide has a high elastic coefficient, good electrical conductivity, a small thermal expansion coefficient and good impact resistance, suitable for rocket nozzle material, can be used for rocket nose cone parts, in the aerospace field has important applications in the nozzle , High temperature lining, arc or electrolysis with the electrode also has important applications.

Hafnium carbide solid-phase stability, chemical resistance, with a high temperature environment for the use of great potential. In addition, HfC thin films deposited on the cathode surface of carbon nanotubes can improve the field emission performance.

Hafnium carbide added C / C composites, can improve its anti-ablation ability. Hafnium carbide has many excellent physical and chemical properties, making it in the current ultra-high temperature materials are very widely used.

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