(W,Ti)C Powder

(W,Ti)C powder


Tungsten titanium carbide (W,Ti)C is one of the most important composite carbides (CK powder) in the production of high performance hard metal for metal cutting, e.g. in automobile and machine tool manufacture.

With the addition of titanium carbide, tantalum carbide or composite carbides such as tungsten titanium carbide (W,Ti)C, the high temperature properties of hard metals, such as hot hardness or resistance to oxidation and diffusion, improve significantly in comparison with iron-based alloys. Here, as a composite carbide rather than a single carbide, tungsten titanium carbide features advantages such as greater hardness, better high temperature strength and better wettability by cobalt.

Hot sale ratios are (W,Ti)C50:50 (CK40), (W,Ti)C60:40 (CK32),(W,Ti)C70:30(24). Also can be tailored to customer’s requirement.



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