Titanium Carbo-Nitride Powder



Mutiple carbide powder Ticn introduced:
Titanium carbide nitrides for the glossy black powder, are one kind of zero Uygur’s three Yuan solid solutions, TiC and TiN constitute the Titanium carbide nitrides foundation, has the fCC lattice NaCl structure, simultaneously may also with TaC, NbC and so on many kinds of transition metal carbide form the solid solution.Titanium carbide nitrides are in the sole TiC crystal lattice, nitrogen atom (N) occupies original carbon atom (C) to form the compound compound in the lattice position, in TiCxNy the carbon nitrogen atom proportion has two kind of quite ideal patterns, namely TiC0.5N0.5 and TiC0.3N0.7. Because TiCN has TiC and the TiN overall performance, its degree of hardness is higher than TiC and TiN, therefore is one kind of ideal cutting tool coating material. The carbon titanium nitrides cause the coating both to be possible to enhance with the substrate bonding strength, simultaneously and can have the many kinds of material overall performances.


1: PVD coating

  • Cutting Tools
  • Punching and Forming
  • Injection Molding
  • Wear Components


TiCN is an excellent all-purpose coating, but does particularly well in punching, injection molding and cutting tool applications.

Because TiCN is easily stripped, huge savings can be obtained when expensive injection mold components are coated. After getting five times the tool life with the original coating, that coating can be stripped and the part recoated, resulting in five more times the tool life, on and on, and on.

2: TiCN based cermet blank.

Another our major item : TiCN based cermet blank’s main raw material is titanium carbonitride 50:50. This provides the new inserts with superior hardness while retaining fracture-resistance, and also permits superior wear-resistance. To correspond to cutting tools’ various needs, our TiCN based cermet blank is a good choice.

TiCN based cermet tools are very suitable for the special material which was difficult to be process and it’s quite good on continuous turning 45# steel, while the ordinary carbide tools could hardly processing on such hard materials.

Example: 1pc parts can process working 3.5 hours under 8000 high speed turn, the wearing is only 0.02mm, the effect is great.

And the service life of cermet CNC tools is 2 and 3 times than tungsten carbide tools

3: TiCN based cermet cutting tools could process material with HRC65, and much suitable using on high-speed cutting,

Esp. under the condition of small-cutting & deeping-cutting, it’s helpful on wiping off the cuttings and improving the surface quantity.

4: Under high temperature processing, the cermet would produce titanium oxide which with lubrication,

protecting the die and advantageous to the machining. If using carbide tools, the tungsten trioxide would increase the friction, it’s not good.

Titanium carbide nitrides powder:
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ticn powder