(Ta,Nb)C powder

(Ta,Nb)c powder

Niobium Tantalum Carbide (NbTaC) is used as additives mainly for P-type cutting tools and cermets because of the beneficial effect on hot hardness and toughness. Tantalum Niobium Carbide (TaNbC) are usually used as an additive to WC-Co ready-to-press (Tungsten-Carbide-Cobalt RTP) grade powders in order to enhance the physical properties of the sintered structure of hardmetals and alloys.

We co-carburizes Tantalum and Niobium oxides by carbothermal reduction to manufacture Tantalum Niobium Carbide (TaNbC) powders with a wide range of metal ratios. Hot sale ratios are (Ta,Nb)C60:40,(Ta,Nb)C80:20. Tantalum Niobium Carbide (TaNbC) powders can be tailored to customer’s requirement.


Product performance and technical:
Our company produces the compound carbide has (Ti,Ta)C,(W,Ta)C,(W,Ti)C,(Ta,Nb)C,(W,Ti,Ta)C,(W,Ti,Ta,Cr)C,(W,Ti,Ta,Nb)C, and so on. These product’s chemical composition and the grain-size distribution may request according to the customer to carry on the production.


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