Chromium carbide powder, Cr3C2 Powder

Cr3C2 powders

Chromium carbide powder: density :6.68g/cm3, melting point: 1890°C…etc. Chromium carbide powder has the properties of good corrsion resistance, wear resistance, oxidation resistance even under high temperature of 1000-1000 degress. Cr3C2 based cermet has excellent oxidation resistance at high temperature, the surface color is only dusky after exposure at 980 ºC for 5 hours. Uner similar condition, # 18-8 stainless steel is destroyed obviously and the WC-6Co alloy is totally oxidized.

Advantage: Why Langfeng Metallic’s carbide powder is better?
1. use high purity raw material chromium oxide CrO2, carbon black powder. Strictly control in raw material ensure the high purity of end product: chromium carbide power.
2. good grain-size distribution, contact us for SEM photo and PSD (parCR3C2le size distribution) report ;
3. unique technology in additive process;
4. unique sintering process ensure low oxygen and free carbon content , which bring high quality roduct;

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