Chromium Carbide Powder cr3c2 powder

Cr3C2 powders

Chromium Carbide Powder is gray powder with rhombic system structure, which is insoluble in water and resistant to acid and alkali. Chromium Carbide Powder is high melting-point inorganic material with wear resistance, corrosion resistance and resistance to oxidation at elevated temperature (1000~ 1100oC), and is expansively used as thermal spray material to protect the metal surface. Cr3C2 cermet has excellent resistance to oxidation at high temperature.

Chromium carbide,Chemical formula Cr3C2,Molecular weight 180.02,Carbon content 13.344%,Density 6.68 g/cm3, Melting point 1890oC, Boiling point:3800oC.Chromium carbide is gray powder with rhombic system structure,Extreme hardness and excellent surface finish. They are usually formed by standard P/M techniques (cold pressing and sintering).

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