Cast iron spray process points

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Cast iron spray process points:

① a considerable number of parts made of cast iron in the vehicles and mechanical equipment, will inevitably lead to problems in the manufacture or use, the use of oxygen – acetylene flame spray process is not only an effective way to strengthen the cast iron, but also repair ideal means of casting a variety of defects and damage (such as castings trachoma, porosity or the wear and other damage) of;

② spray used for repair of local defects of cast iron, and the defects of varying sizes, shades, one-step spray suitable for mining, according to the workpiece and welding repair parts, should try to use low-power spray gun, which can reduce the matrix heat input, generally used QH-1 / h, QH-2 / h, QH-4 / h, etc;

③ spray, because of cast iron parts weldability poor, should be preferred nickel-base alloy powder (Ni-B-Si series), nickel-based alloy powder melting point is generally 950 ~ 1050 ℃, heavy Time will not melt the base is melted, while the low-low carbon nickel-based powder spray layer hardness, ductility, and can help prevent stress relaxation spray cracks, then unskilled operator is extremely important;

④ When selecting spray specification should be considered cast iron, the defective portion size, working conditions and other factors, to ensure the necessary energy flame premise, to minimize heat input to the substrate, oxygen, acetylene gas pressure limit is appropriate to remove , dusting, remelting, adjust spray, melt from the heat input control;

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