TiC-Titanium carbide



TiC powder introduced:
Titanium carbide powder,Chemical formula TiC,Molecular weight 59.91,Carbon content 20.05%,Density 4.93g/cm3, Melting point:3160ºC,Boiling point 4300ºC.Titanium carbide is off-white powder with cubic system structure of NaCl type.The carbide is mainly used in preparation of cermet,heat-resistant material and cemented carbide due to its high melting point ,hardness and chemical stability. The wear-resistance,corrosion resistantce and resistance to oxidation of hard alloy can be improved clearly when TiC(6~30%)is mixed in WC-Co cemented carbide and form TiC-WC solid solution with WC.It is more suitable to process steel products.Also we can produce cemented carbide without tungsten using Ni-Co alloy to enhance the cutting speed and precision and smoothness of processed component.

Product Application:

1: Titanium carbide powder in APS ( average particle size) FSSS 3-5micron,  widely used as additive in cemented carbide products (cutting tools) ;

Cutting Tools

2: titanium carbide powder in APS (average particle size) D50 0.8-0.5 micron could be used as additive in final product PTC  ( positive temperature coefficient)  Thermistor  to  enhance  wear  resistance;


3:titanium carbide powder also could be applied on the product of electrode, the fireproof crucible and negative pole electron emission material.

4:Titanium carbide powder in size 40-60mesh (250-380um), 60-80mesh (180-250um), 80-100mesh (150-180um), 100-150 mesh(106-150um), 150-200mesh (75-106um), 200-400mesh (38-75um), 200-325mesh (45-75um), -325mesh (-45um ), -400mesh (-38um) is usually be used in the field of  high heat resitance thermal sparay coating ;

thermal spray coating

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tic-titanium carbide powder