NbC-Niobium carbide




Niobium carbide,Chemical formula NbC,Molecular weight 104.92,Density 7.56g/cm3 ,Melting point 3490oC,Boiling point 4300oC,Carbon content 11.45%.Niobium carbide is brown-gray metallic powder with purple lustre.The powder also is a high melting point and high hardness material with high chemical stability and high temperature function.It is applied to high temperature refractory material and additive in cemented carbide.

Product Application

1: it is normally worked as additive in cemented carbide product, from WC-Nbc-C solid solution.

2: May also make the purple artificial jewel;

3.Together with the tungsten carbidepowder and Molybdeum carbide powder, Niobium carbide powder is used as additive in the field of spray coating material, welding powder material, such as hot forging die, the cutting tool, the jet engine turbine blade, the valve, the tail skirt and the rocket spray nozzle coating.

Niobium carbide powder in size 40-60mesh (250-380um), 60-80mesh (180-250um), 80-100mesh (150-180um), 100-150 mesh(106-150um), 150-200mesh (75-106um), 200-400mesh (38-75um), 200-325mesh (45-75um), -325mesh (-45um ), -400mesh (-38um) is usually be used in the field of high heat resitance thermal sparay coating ;

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niobium carbide powder