Mo2C-Molybdenum carbide



Molybdenum carbide,Chemical formula Mo2C,Molecular weight,203.88,Carbon content 5.89%,Density:8.90g/cm3,Melting point 2690oC.It’s a dark-grey colored metal powder with a compact hexagonal crystal.
As a new functional material with very high fusing point and hardness, good thermal and mechanical stability and superb anticorrosive feature, it is applied widely in heat resistant, anti-frication and chemical corrosion resistant fields and so forth. With an electronic structure and catalytic properties similar to noble metal and as a kind of catalase, it can also be extensively applied in organic and chemical industries.

Product Application

1: Molybdenum carbide poders is commonly used as grain inhibitor and grain finer in cemented carbide products, like cutting tools.

2 .Molybdenum carbide powder is used as additive in the field of spray coating material, welding powder material.

Molybdenum carbide powder in size 40-60mesh (250-380um), 60-80mesh (180-250um), 80-100mesh (150-180um), 100-150 mesh(106-150um), 150-200mesh (75-106um), 200-400mesh (38-75um), 200-325mesh (45-75um), -325mesh (-45um ), -400mesh (-38um) is usually be used in the field of high heat resitance thermal sparay coating.

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molybdenum carbide powder