Cr3C2-Chromium Carbide



chromium carbide powder, Cr3C2 powder 99.5% metal basis, chromium carbide nanopowder,
cemented carbide additive, cemented carbide grain inhibitor, cemented carbide grain finer, spraying coating material , welding powder, chromium carbide welding rod, 80-325 Mesh, FSSS 3-5 micron  CAS# 12070-08-5 UN number 3178; 3089

Product Description:
Chromium carbide powder: density :6.68g/cm3, melting point : 1890°C…etc. Chromium carbide powder has the properties of good corrsion resistance, wear resistance, oxidation resistance even under high temperature of 1000-1000 degress. Cr3C2 based cermet has excellent oxidation resistance at high temperature, the surface color is only dusky after exposure at 980ºC for 5 hours.Uner similar condition, # 18-8 stainless steel is destroyed obviously and the WC-6Co alloy is totally oxidized.

Product application,performance and technical:
Chromium carbide applies in the chromic carbide welding rod (for example chromic carbide welding rods and so on D626, D402), the carbonized niobium – chromic carbide compound high wear-resisting built-up welding welding rod belongs to the wear-resisting built-up welding material domain.Chromium carbide applies in the high degree of hardness chromic carbide wear-resisting compound steel plate (for example the SA1750CR wear-resisting duplicate plywood), the built-up welding compound steel plate, the anti-abrasion thin film and the semiconductor thin film.The chromic carbide applies in the ultra-fine grain hard alloy, has the very high degree of hardness and the wear-resisting performance, simultaneously also has the very high intensity and toughness.Chromium carbide applies in the nichrome chromic carbide powder (NiCr-Cr3C2), is the cermet powder new variety, becomes one kind of ideal anti-high temperature to be wear-resisting, anticorrosion overall performance thermal spray coating material. Mainly uses in the plasma or the detonation spray coating, the supersonic speed flame spraying, applies in profession and so on metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical anti-high temperature anti-corrosive work piece protections.

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